Why Prairie Capital


Prairie Capital is independent of the third-party investment managers we monitor, evaluate and recommend; and maintains an unbiased view of these investment managers. Prairie Capital does not use “in-house” portfolio managers, nor do we have economic ties to underlying third-party investment managers.

Personal & Specialized Services

Our services are tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our clients communicate directly with the firm’s Managing Directors and a designated team of Prairie Capital investment professionals.

Investment Philosophy

Prairie Capital has a long history of advising clients across a broad range of traditional and alternative investments. Traditional investments include both active and passive equity and fixed income strategies. Alternative investments include private equity funds, direct investments in private companies, hedge funds, and a variety of other strategic investments. Instead of mandating that certain of these asset classes be used with all clients, Prairie Capital’s primary goal is to properly align these investments with the unique and specific needs of each client. Furthermore, the breadth of asset classes and investment managers we are speaking with on a regular basis provides extremely valuable information to our investment decision-making process.

Investment Access

Due to Prairie Capital’s firm size, experience, and strong professional networks, Prairie Capital has unique access to differentiated, niche investment opportunities, typically within certain alternative asset classes.

Focus on Investments & Financial Planning

Prairie Capital spends significant time on high level asset allocation and long-term financial planning. We believe a successful investment program relies on both the careful bottom-up selection of investment managers, but also a successful top-down strategy that is built on providing a customized plan that meets the long-term needs of the client.

Managing Director Knowledge

Prairie Capital Managing Directors understand the investment portfolio of each client, and make recommendations specific to each client rather than placing assets into preformatted programs. In addition, the Managing Directors comprise the firm’s Investment Committee, which closely monitors the capital markets and strategies employed within client portfolios, and conducts due diligence on investment managers employed by clients.

Professional Experience & Integrity

The diverse professional backgrounds of Prairie Capital’s Managing Directors in law, capital markets, accounting, finance, private equity, and alternative investments are a value-add to clients and unique to the investment consulting industry. In addition to having strong technical backgrounds, Prairie Capital’s Managing Directors hold themselves to the highest ethical standards.