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An advisory firm built to solve your complex investment needs

What financial complexities do you face? A partnership with Prairie Capital can help you solve complexity, evaluate investment opportunities, and navigate moments of transition.

Since 1995, we have provided wealth management services to ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices, non-profit organizations, foundations, endowments, corporations, pensions, and other institutions.

30 States Served

We have experience working with individuals, families, and institutions across the country that share our values and appreciate our approach.

40+ Dedicated Employees

You will have a consistent team with dedicated resources to support you, your family, and your goals. We strive for operational excellence and proactive management of issues.

230+ Client Relationships

We have a smaller client base by design, and you can expect a high-touch client experience where every relationship is allocated significant resources.

$6 Billion+ in AUM*

We have the scale that is required to negotiate fees and gain access to investment managers, but we are small enough to explore niche opportunities that larger institutions may overlook.

* AUM as of 12/31/2021.

What didn’t exist at the time had to be built.

Twenty-seven years ago, a small group of families with significant resources were looking for objective, customized, and sophisticated financial guidance. What didn’t exist at the time had to be built, and the team that came together to serve these families was the beginning of Prairie Capital.

While our firm has grown, we remain true to our original purpose.

Since our founding, we have grown to manage more than $6 billion in assets for ultra-high net worth individuals, families, and financial institutions. And while our firm has grown over the years, we remain true to our original purpose: to help people manage the complexities that come with substantial financial resources while charting a path to achieve their goals and objectives.

Our core focus is multi-generational wealth management and financial planning. Clients often note our reputation for identifying unique private investment opportunities and alignment of interest as our partners frequently invest their personal capital alongside that of our clients. This commitment to having “skin in the game,” combined with our role as fiduciaries, means that the advice we provide is objective and transparent, qualities that set our firm apart.

our philosophy

A time-tested and prudent approach to wealth management

Prairie Capital’s wealth management philosophy centers on providing high-quality, objective, and flexible services tailored specifically to the needs of each client.

Our founders recognized early on that the goals, objectives, and aspirations of every client are unique, which is why financial plans and portfolios should be as well. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive approach that ultimately ends with a wealth management strategy that is tailored to your family’s specific circumstances.

As it relates to investment management, the firm serves as an objective advisor to clients on the multitude of investment strategies and structures available. After designing a client-focused portfolio allocation, we evaluate best-in-class investment managers to manage various asset classes, using a quantitative and qualitative due diligence process refined over our twenty-seven-year history.

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Our Team

Dedicated & Driven

When you partner with Prairie Capital, you will find a team of Managing Directors with diverse professional backgrounds and more than 150 years of combined investment experience. Our average employee tenure is 11 years and our three founding partners have been with the firm since 1995, providing a uniquely consistent and exceptional experience to the clients we serve.

Your family's objectives are our priority.

Meet our team
Managing Directors

The firm’s Managing Directors are responsible for managing client relationships and serve on the firm’s Investment Committee. They provide clients with sophisticated wealth management solutions to various investment, financial planning, reporting, and accounting needs. Individuals within the group have earned advanced degrees including J.D. and M.B.A., as well as designations including CPA and CFA.

Operations, Compliance & Administrative Support

The operations team is responsible for processing asset transfers and authorizations, completing documentation to open and maintain accounts, and technology integration. The compliance team is responsible for maintaining registration and annual compliance filings, as well as monitoring federal and state securities laws and regulations. The administrative support team coordinates matters across the various Prairie Capital teams to provide a cohesive client experience.

Client Services

The client services team works in tandem with the Managing Directors to serve clients. This includes responding to client inquiries in a prompt manner, ensuring documents are readily available and secure, and coordinating the work of investment managers and other third-party service providers.

Client Reporting

The client reporting team produces performance reports for both traditional investments and alternative strategies. Client reporting can be customized and tailored to individual needs, including in-depth reporting on public and private investments, as well as the ability to report on assets custodied or managed on other platforms.

Investment Research

The investment research team performs qualitative and quantitative due diligence, as well as monitoring of existing and new investment managers. The research team also monitors marketplace trends and macroeconomic factors that may impact client portfolios or present investment opportunities.

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