Each client’s unique investment objectives and financial goals are used to develop customized wealth management solutions, tailored to meet their individual needs.

What financial complexities do you face?

Prairie Capital partners with each client to ensure a thorough understanding of their unique goals, objectives, and financial situation, to create a customized financial plan that is tailored to meet their needs.

We invest time in developing a complete understanding of your situation, allowing our team to offer personalized advice that is objective, unbiased, and fair. We are a strategic partner who coordinates and streamlines the work done by key members of your advisory team (accountants, attorneys, and estate planners).

Wealth Management

Our process begins with the development of a strategic, long-term asset allocation across traditional and alternative asset classes. We build a customized, diversified portfolio that can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns with a focus on tax efficiency. Over time, tactical allocation changes can be utilized to take advantage of market opportunities.

Investment Selection

Our open architecture platform provides clients with an unconstrained opportunity set, rather than a limited list of “approved products.” This approach allows us to be flexible, highly tailored, and customized.

Since 1995, our multi-disciplined team has built a network of diverse and differentiated relationships that creates unique access to premier global investment managers, many of which have limited capacity for new investors.

Wealth Planning

Through the use of short-term and long-term financial planning tools, client goals are understood, quantified, and monitored. Liquidity and investment planning around major life events, including the sale or purchase of a business, retirement, funding college, or other large purchases, are incorporated into each financial plan.

We provide consolidated reporting on clients’ assets, allowing them to see their family’s balance sheet and cash flow with a new degree of clarity.

Family Management

We bring a multi-generational approach to each client relationship, allowing us to empower and guide the next generation of wealth stewards within your family. In support of this, we provide each client with services covering family wealth education, estate planning coordination, and philanthropic consulting.

Through comprehensive reporting and financial consulting, we help you view your entire wealth picture, analyze potential investment opportunities, and manage risk.

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